When Experience Counts

“You have many options when seeking a qualified professional in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Our goal at Gordon ADR is to provide an exceptional level of service and expertise to you and your clients.”

Mediation and Arbitration

As the expense and impediments of court trials continue to climb, lawyers are looking for alternatives that are private, professional, unbiased, and cost-effective. With over 35 years of experience as a professional neutral, Judge Gordon is uniquely positioned to meet these expectations. Gordon ADR’s goal is to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution options that satisfy the needs of both the lawyers and their clients.


Why Choose Gordon ADR

Whether it’s an arbitration or a mediation, certain aspects of every case are the same: clients want to be heard. They want a fair chance to present their case and participate in a process that brings closure to the dispute which allows them to move on with their lives. Gordon ADR is dedicated to achieving these goals. Judge Gordon limits her practice to working with clients represented by counsel.

When Experience Counts

After serving the people of Connecticut as a Superior Court Trial Judge for 23 years, Judge Gordon retired from the bench to serve the legal community as an experienced Mediator and skilled Arbitrator.

Since founding Gordon ADR, Judge Gordon has participated in over 1,800 full day cases and worked with over 1,500 lawyers.

Serving You Where You Are

Since 2011, Judge Gordon has been traveling locally, regionally, and nationally to serve lawyers and their clients.

With the onset of the pandemic, Judge Gordon quickly adapted to the ZOOM protocol and continued to develop a national presence conducting very successful online mediations and arbitrations across the country.

A Personal Message

Having been in the legal profession my entire adult life as a practicing lawyer, trial judge, and professional neutral, I truly appreciate how hard lawyers work and the challenges they face in today’s modern legal world. My job is to serve lawyers and their clients to the best of my ability. I am grateful every day for the trust that countless lawyers have placed in me to help them meet the needs of their clients. It is an awesome responsibility and one that I take very seriously.

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