Representative Matters


• determined value of $450 million nuclear power plant
• determined value of interest of ex-partner in a medical practice
• determined value of antique car collection in a building collapse
• determined supply chain dispute in grocery industry
• determined claims of governmental retaliatory action in the banking industry
• determined fee disputes
• mediated settlement between long time partners in the dissolution of their joint business interests


• determined liability among developer, site work sub-contractor, and paving subcontractor
• determined liability among parties for structural integrity claim
• determined damages for delay in construction project
• facilitated settlement of numerous homeowner-contractor claims


• determined issues of defamation and invasion of privacy between ex-employee and employer
• construed statutory scheme in the Teachers Negotiation Act
• mediated wrongful termination claims, issues of non-compete agreements, and whistle blower claims
• mediated a dispute over severance benefits and non-compete agreement of fired business executive
• mediated resolution of claim of wrongful termination by healthcare worker


• determined issues of environmental impact to wetlands in the operation of a sand and gravel pit
• adjudicated claims involving competing marina owners and environmental authorities
• determined issues of environmental impact to wetlands by housing development


• determined issues of insurance coverage in claims for breach of good faith and fair dealing
• determined coverage in a contested claim of net business loss in excess of a million dollars
• mediated issues of insurance coverage in failure to pay death benefit


• determined issues of liability, immunity, indemnification, in personal injury and civil rights claim
• as special corporation counsel, represented City of New Haven in a wide variety of matters


• determined highly contested custody and high asset marriage dissolutions.
• determined disputes over health planning for a special needs child
• determined validity and effect of foreign premarital agreements on accumulated assets in excess of 45 million dollars
• facilitated settlement in cases involving assets of up to $1 billion dollars
• determined issues of psychological and emotional stability in parenting disputes
• facilitated and/or mediated settlement in thousands of family cases
• determined value of and ownership of foreign business interests and publishing rights
• determined value of partner’s ownership share in a private financial management firm
• determined value of ownership interest in a foreign real estate company with multi-national holdings
• determined value of warrants issued by an internet media company and held by private equity investor
• facilitated settlement in dispute over value of licensing agreements entered into by a publicly heldmulti-media company
• determined value of investment management firm worth $75 million for partners disputing their respective interests

Personal Injury

• arbitrated three million dollar medical malpractice case
• determined interrelationship of parent corporation and its subsidiaries in workers compensation case
• determined and assisted in settlement of hundreds of cases involving issues of liability, damages and apportionment
• mediated a four million dollar settlement of personal injuries in a product liability claim
• mediated a three million dollar settlement in a failure to warn case involving an electrical explosion
• mediated a two million dollar settlement in a medical malpractice claim involving five medical providers
• mediated a resolution in a case of an assault at a fast food outlet
• mediated resolution in a matter involving sexual assault of a minor


• determined value and ownership of commercial real estate interests and partnerships
• determined diminution in property value after construction of a spite fence
• determined valuation of a leasehold after claims of constructive eviction
• determined liability in dispute regarding damage to land by surface water
• determined easement rights between abutting land owners

Trusts and Estates

• mediated dispute between siblings over management of mother’s estate
• mediated claims of undue influence among siblings and step-mother
• determined litigant’s rights in dispute over distribution of trust

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